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Getting on with the building stage. Put simply, we arrive on site and do not leave until all aspects of the construction phase are complete. Days, weeks and months of detailed planning go into all our projects to ensure smooth running and completion times.

Our clients always receive certificates of equipment and material conformity from climbwired. This is done for all apparatus whether it be secured by permanent or transferable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items. Material conformity indicates where it came from, including the type of material and specification references. Marking and references of this nature are important, especially where fixings are to take direct loads. It also means when re-inspecting equipment or fixings, that those are the same items previously inspected.

All timbers used are pressure treated and industry accepted for outdoor rope courses.

Our construction staff are specially trained to work at height, and they know the construction materials inside-out. Our team work cleanly and always follow best practice in health and safety requirements.

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