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Whether we meet you face to face or consult online, your initial contact with us is vital for us to understand your proposal. Even if you need help in creating an initial brief with objectives, resources and timescales we can also help with this.
To thoroughly understand your project we believe in getting to know your requirements at an early stage and then staying connected with your ideas, objectives and vision throughout the project.

We progress most proposals through three broad stages:
  • Entry - We carry out an initial survey, or scoping, to establish what your proposal and brief is about, what it should aim to achieve, the likely time and effort required, and any possible risks and difficulties. This phase will require a site visit with the client.
  • Diagnosis - Gathering information, ideas and costs to arrive at options and a plan of action for your project. We will provide lots of information regarding legal conformity, best practice, and of course, what your project will cost.
  • Contracting - Climbwired discuss the project with the client and agree what is to be included, what we’re going to do and how it should be tackled. This is the detailed phase of the project.

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