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This phase is the most important of all as it will reflect your ideas and vision. A well-led design phase will ensure you get the product you want. This includes educational uses and benefits of the designed apparatus and ease of staff use. With the right design we will have your product looking fantastic, running smoothly, efficiently staffed and most important of all, operating safely.
For example, a high or low rope course project may be set amongst a natural wood mainly utilising trees as anchor points, or your project may be constructed on a brownfield site. Regardless of location, we will advise on possible town and country planning requirements and guide you through the application phase. This process is rarely required, but it does depend on location. For example, constructing a rope course indoors may change the use of the building, whereas altering an existing building to fit around new structures, or developing an outdoor site that is close to existing structures may require local authority planning permission. So, there are important considerations before beginning the construction phase and we can guide you through this process.
We only use cutting-edge technology, techniques and equipment. We use a wide range of professions to ensure we maintain this kind of high standard in design, but more importantly we design for the environment to ensure your vision has a sustainable future.

The important elements of good design are:
  • Designing for people, your staff, your clients and your business image
  • Designing for construction, materials, look and safety
  • Designing for the environment, we ensure environment-friendly materials are used for long-term sustainability
  • Designing for education, to ensure you have a top-class personal development tool
  • Designing for communication, we want your project to naturally communicate with all users
  • Designing to create logical thinking and creativeness. We want you to have something that is multi-functional & cost efficient
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